When you GIVE A GIFT to the Parks Foundation of Kalamazoo County, you invest in our community by ensuring that we are able to develop, improve, maintain, and promote our parks!

You can specify your gift when you donate to the Parks Foundation of Kalamazoo County!
On our Giving Page, simply choose an option from the ‘Apply My Donation To’ drop down menu to designate your gift.

Kalamazoo River Valley Trail-Construction These funds go directly to construction of the trail.

Kalamazoo River Valley Trail-Maintenance Endowment ensures long-term  trail maintenance of future and existing trail.

Kalamazoo River Valley Trail Membership You can also become a Friend of the Trail to support general trail maintenance, trail operations, and free programming events. Click HERE to become a Friend today.

Note: If you prefer to mail in a donation, please complete this donation form and mail with payment to the address below.

The Parks Foundation of Kalamazoo County
P.O. Box 50467
Kalamazoo, MI 49005


Phone (269) 342-1740
Fax (269) 373-5109

The Parks Foundation of Kalamazoo County is a 501 (c)(3)organization.


Thank you!