Kalamazoo County Parks Foundation

Welcome to the Parks Foundation
of Kalamazoo County!


The Kalamazoo River Valley Trail
Construction Capital Campaign 


For 30 years, the Parks Foundation of Kalamazoo County has been committed
to assisting the County of Kalamazoo in raising funds to be used
for development, improvement, maintenance, and promotion of the parks, which are
now or hereafter owned and operated by the County of Kalamazoo.

To date, there are 5 completed parks in the County for our
community members to enjoy. From camping, swimming, fishing, picnic shelters...
even parks for your dog...our parks offer great places to spend time with friends and family.
Learn more about the parks and all they have to offer HERE.

Our current project is the Kalamazoo River Valley Trail, which was a vision developed
through community feedback to build safe, non-motorized trail connecting Kalamazoo County. 

In 2008, we broke ground and have been building and expanding the trail ever since! 

Today, there are 22 miles of trail connecting Kalamazoo County to people and places. 


Trail Built: 22 Miles
Miles Left to Build: 13 
Goal: $16.6 Million
Raised: $14.4 Million
Uses in 2017: Over 307,000!

Amount Left to Raise!
$2.2 Million

The numbers tell a great story! Our community loves the trail! It's safe and provides a
beautiful place to exercise, spend time with family, commute to work, or to enjoy nature!

We are so close to completing our goal, but we need your help!

If you leave a gift today, it will support 
continued construction of the trail,
and will help us link 139 miles of trail!

26 miles of Battle Creek Linear Park
35 Miles of Kalamazoo River Valley Trail
25 Miles of Fort Custer Recreation Area Trails
34 Miles of Kal-Haven Trail
14 Miles of VanBuren State Trail
5 Miles of Calhoun County Trail

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We couldn't do it without you!